Order and Payments :

To place an order please fill out the following contact form to book an appointment. 

Ordering and payment conditions depend on the size of the people serving. Please keep in mind that the sooner is the better in regards to the ordering time frame! Last-minute reservations may not work due to our busy schedule with other orders. Please follow the below schedule based on the people serving for your event.

Design Alterations :

  • Some changes may be made to the final design 30 days prior to the event. 

Cancellation Policy : 

  • Cakes:

After finalizing your perfect design and confirming your contract, a 50%-deposit is required to secure the date of the event. Please note, the 50% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

If more than 50% is paid toward the deposit, a partial refund may be granted if the cancellation is requested 25 days prior to the event. No refund is granted for cancellations requested less than 25 days prior to the event. 

  • Sweets:

Sweets are placed for creation right away, therefore no refund or cancellation can be granted.


  • Food Allergy: A food allergy list is requested to be filled out upon filling out the contact form. We do not accept any responsibility for the consequences of food allergies that are not disclosed to us. 
  • Credit Card Decline: Credit cards are accepted. Orders will be canceled right away with no refund if the credit card is declined. 
  • Delivery: Delivery services are provided per request. Couriers different than Ayda Cake & Art are accepted upon request, but we take no responsibility for the quality and safety of your cake with other couriers.