Make Your Eyes Feel How Your Mouth Feels!

Ayda cake & Art were created to show that art isn’t just something to look at, but to be able to taste as well. With many trials & errors to make every bite & every sight of these true works of art, Ayda Cake & art turned a thought into reality. Ayda cake & Art uses fresh, flavorsome, & delectable ingredients, to create the signature wonderful tastes & flavors that are Ayda cake. Ayda Cake & Art creates a new world & feeling with every bite That makes every mouth crave the feeling, the texture, & the flavor more. Every work of art is specifically created & designed for every customer to make the thought that is in their head into a beautiful creation. Every part of the cake is handcrafted with edible, delicious ingredients, to create not only a breathtaking topping but a delicious one as well. Every look at a cake you take you will question if you are watching a sweet delicious cake, or a painting painted by one of the world’s greatest artists. Ayda Cake & Art’s goal is to make your eyes feel how your mouth feels.






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The hands of artists have created the most remarkable creations in the world. Sheila’s goal, dream, and aspiration are to develop and originate art from the soul. Without knowledge of the universe of cakes, Sheila took a step in the direction of the future. She trusts her talents and intuition and becomes the originator of what has never been seen. With her natural talent for seeing most of what is not visible to the average eye, she can grasp an organic work of art and blend the flavors of sweets into a lavish taste for the eye and mouth.
Using what is not considered regular, Sheila is capable of magnitude what might be a simple thing into what seems to be a captivating peace that will leave one’s soul amazed. With many different textures, shapes, and colors, Sheila blends the beauty of the unknown with reality in her art. Sheila takes what any individual dreams and brings them into materiality.
Sheila has come a long way, and becoming a part of this journey will leave one reminiscing about what they were given. A journey not many are willing or able to take; Sheila used her talents and undoubtedly love for art and became a bridge from a dreamer’s fantasy to reality. Sheila is the foundation for what one dreams of.
“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
 Henry David Thoreau, Walden